The e-TOLL System in Poland

In June 2021, the National Revenue Administration Electronic Toll Collection System called e-TOLL is going to be launched. It will operate in the Republic of Poland under direct supervision of the Head of the National Revenue Administration. The e-TOLL system will replace the existing viaTOLL system.
A transitional period has been envisaged for users, during which both systems will operate in parallel. The date of the termination of the viaTOLL system, according to the current provisions of the Act on Public Roads is 01/07/2021. According to the draft act amending the act on toll motorways and the National Road Fund and certain other acts (Sejm paper no. 1073) may extend the operation of the viaTOLL system by 30/09/2021. The duration of the transitional period will depend on the date of entry into force of the amended provisions.
The most important start dates in the e-TOLL system:
second half of May 2021 – launching the registration of users and vehicles in the e-TOLL system,
end of May 2021 – launching the Customer Service Facilities in the new distribution network and the e-TOLL Telephone Customer Service Centre,
1st half of June 2021 – beginning of toll collection via the e-TOLL system.
Main changes for drivers:
shifting from radio technology (DSRC) to satellite positioning and wireless data transmission (GNSS),
no need to sign a contract, only to register with the Online Customer Account, which is possible completely online, without going to customer service facilities,
transmission of geolocation data to the system will be possible via the OBU device, the External Localization System (ELS), the e-TOLL PL mobile app.
We invite you to read the details of the e-TOLL system.