Sytuacja na Maderze

After the unfortunate events of August 9th at Madeira Island, more concretely at the city of Funchal, Tourism of Portugal informs that the touristic activity keeps on going and has returned to normality.

Madeira airport and Funchal sea port are totally operational as well as the other public transports in the Island.

There are some occasional constraints regarding the functionality of some spaces and touristic activities within some limited areas but the majority of the island tours are in perfect use conditions.

Most tourists that had to be evacuated, mainly by precaution, have already returned to their original hotel units and the situation should be totally normalized this afternoon.

The main hotel area of Funchal has not been affected and the only situations of relocation were fully accompanied by the local authorities.

The general mood is of normality and serenity, being a fact that most tourists made different tours among which some excursions, boat trips or even some walks at the city center.

More detailed info about the touristic activities can be seen at the official website of Madeira Islands:

Regarding the situation in Portugal mainland we inform that general means of transport as well as the road network are working without constraints.

Also, the touristic activity is running within normality.

For detailed information on this matter, tourists should contact +351 211 140 200 or

For further information, the National Protection Civil Authority can be reached through 800 296 296 or at website